Recent Deloitte’s research shows an ROI of 4.2% to businesses investing in the reduction of poor mental health of their staff.By investing in Mental Health Programs organizations create a sense of loyalty amongst the employees & also initiates a holistic culture of Mental Health Importance within the organization. These workshops enhance Emotional & Social Skills, Mindsets, Time Management Skills & Stress management techniques also it positively influences the team’s thought processes.

Design & Program Content

  1. Emotional Intelligence – What’s the Big fuss over EQ?
  2. Fixed Mindset VS Growth Mindset- Tricks that make you smarter than you are!
  3. Stress Management – Magic Mantras to Beat Stress
  4. Work Life Balance or Work Life Integration?
  5. The Science Of Happiness (Finding Your Mojo)
  6. Resolutions & Goal Setting
  7. Vision Board Making
  8. You don’t manage Time, you manage Tasks!

Learning with Engagement

Idea is to bring in the creativity in learning, we cover each topic with fun based activities, role plays, group discussions, Relatable You tube videos & Ted Talks.
Talks / Workshop will be experiential and kinesthetic.
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